BRING your whole tithe

This is just a question that I have, I haven’t really looked into the topic of tithing much but it is something that recently has made me think a bit.

I have never been one of those people to ask why does the Church ask for 10% of our income ( note how I choose to use the word ‘Church’ and not ‘God’). It makes logical sense, if you are going to use their facilities on a frequent basis then pay up, it costs money to maintain a church there are taxes , bills , instruments , the tea and coffee you get at the end of the service and this is not including any community projects or services the church provides to everyone, church members and non-church members alike. Though I am surprised I’ve never been swayed by doctrines preaching about sowing to the church so much and reaping so much from God , which though they do take biblical scriputre as evidence for example:

Proverbs 3 :9 ‘Honour the Lord with your possessions and with the first produce of your entire harvest; then your barns will be completely filled,and your vats will overflow with new wine’

Many people miss out the key word in this scripture which is ‘honour’, it is what separates God’s wisdom from mans or in other terms it is what separates the Church from Goldman Sachs but this is a topic for another time.

I understand that money is an essential tool for the church, therefore, whatever income I am getting I do give 10% to the church this even includes birthday or gift money. But here is the thing, every Sunday I see people getting out of their seats during praise and worship to put their money in the collection basket and it makes me wonder should I also be doing the same thing… I mean… Once a month I make a bank transfer of 10% of whatever I have earned in that month to the church but recently I have been questioning whether this is the right thing to do.

Is there any significance in actually bringing your tithe and offering to the church?

Though to be honest I rarely give nor feel compelled to give an offering, money wise. As an offering can be in many forms e.g. Romans 12:1

Is there something I am missing out by sending tithe and offering via bank transfer am I showing a lack of reverence by making the process of tithing and offering transactional? I chose bank transfer as it is literally the most practical way of giving money, cash to me sounds very dubious so it makes sense why I use online banking to tithe.

I don’t know but these questions have been bothering me lately.

2 thoughts on “BRING your whole tithe

  1. I also pay my tithe online via a standing order. I set it up so I do not forget and also for periods I might be away on holiday. Whilst I dont think it makes any difference whichever way you tithe, I also have been concerned about not physically bringing the tithe. By having a standing order, I feel I am missing the oportunity to talk to God before placing the tithe in the basket. Nonetheless, I don’t want to risk forgetting to give my tithe, so I will stick to the standing order.


    1. I am also in the same boat paying tithe online as it is more practical, but recently I have been reminded of Romans 12: 1 which says ‘ I urge you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice’. In my mind tithe and sacrifice are similar , it is yourself giving something up that you consider valuable and bringing it into the Lord’s temple and I guess this whole ‘presentation’ is a visual representation and a strong reminder of how you are sacrificing something important for the Lord and I can not help feeling like I am missing some sort of a blessing by not actually bringing a check in to church or something similar. If you can understand my​ simile, I feel like I have been listening to praise and worship through the radio and not live at church.


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