Precious Child Part IV

I lift my eyes onto the heavens,

Where does my help come from?

I have no rock to place my hopes in,

Everything is vapour on this earth an

Illusion from my dreams, it means nothing to me.

I look up to the heavens and search for you,

Where are you, in the stars?

You are my water and rich food

I hunger to see you again, show me your hiding place.

Are you held captive, are you further then any man can reach?

Answer me! I command you to answer me!

It is so lonely without you, the heavens don’t understand

How much I long for you again.

You have slain and broken me, where are you?

Don’t tell me you have abandoned me on the shores of hell,

Even still, I still look up to the heavens for you are my salvation

My ever-present help in times of need,

Oh, my lips do not forget to praise thy Lord and maker,

for He pours honey and makes thy voice so beautiful,

He fattens me with His word and prepares a sword for me to carry to war.

His ways are not my ways, and His speech is not mine.

He shall come to me once again and take me from these shores,

He will be a guide onto my weary feet and lead me to rest

Has he not promised me this?.

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