Confessions of a Christian II

I have been thinking a lot recently about the story of Paul and his companion whilst they were in Prison. In Lesson 8 Psalmody International school of worship level 2, Tom Inglis draws parallels between the actions of Paul and his companion whilst in prison with what is written in the book of psalms. It made me realise how in sync their worship was to the bible and how much they had an understanding of the book of the bible to know what to do whilst in bondage and know-how and when best to praise and worship. It got me thinking of how little I know the book of Psalms let alone the Bible to be able to act upon the actions of my predecessors.

Starting with Jesus was created 9 months ago and the more I’ve written on this blog the more ill-prepared and ill-equipped I have felt regarding my relationship with God. The arrogance I once had to have believed myself to be better than where I was last year has with time dissipated and what’s left is a certain humility that makes you realise how little I know about God or the Bible.

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