LESSON 3: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

LESSON 3: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

Hi this is my recap of lesson 3 of the course which I have decided to follow, this is not intended to be a full article or bible study but is just me picking out the key topics and themes I got from Lesson 3.

This lesson is titled ‘BREAKTHROUGH WORSHIPERS 1’, and it really is about how through worship we find ourselves breaking away from the dark into the light and reaching new spiritual levels, Tom writes:

“They are not content with the status quo and are pushing through with prevailing prayer and continual worship into spiritual territories of authority in Christ

When we exalt God above ourselves we are allowing Him to take authority and when He takes authority He is then able to take greater action over our circumstances, ( I know I am repeating what has been said before , but the Holy Spirit really is a gentleman He won’t take action unless you ask for it). In the workbook there are some steps mentioned to overcome the hindrances of sin which are as written:

  • Confess the sin
  • Focus on God’s grace
  • Cast down vain imaginations- any thought contrary to God’s
  • Be quick to praise God
  • Give God thanks*

Something which perhaps resonated with me was on point 6 in the Lesson ‘overcoming the hindrance of pride’. I’ve been wanting to know what it means to be humble for I guess there is something humbling about worship because we are turning our attention from ourselves onto Him and magnifying Him above anything and everything else. It is in our humility that the Lord does exalt us.

But when his heart was lifted up, and his mind hardened in pride, he was deposed from his kingly throne, and they took his glory from him

Daniel 5:20

*I know I wrote something on this but can not seem to find them , but there is a difference between giving Thanks and giving Praise

LESSON 2: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

LESSON 2: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

Hi this is my recap of lesson 2 of the course which I have decided to follow, this is not intended to be a full article or bible study but is just me picking out the key topics and themes I got from Lesson 2.

One analogy which I found quite profound was the comparison between our Worship and our dependency on air to survive. Our very being was created to worship, we have been fashioned and sown into the season that we are currently in for a reason, however in the same manner that we can not expect to wake-up without oxygen, we can not expect to function as a whole and not a broken spiritual and living being without worship. Worship is so innate that we can not help but to worship, when we attend a sporting event and hear the crowd cheer for their favourite team are they not cheering and praising in one accord, are they not showing their adoration to their team by chanting along or wearing their team’s colours? We can not help but to worship but often at times we have misdirected our worship and our attention from the one who truly deserves it.

The reason why God created you, to know Him personally, worship Him intimately, and serve Him willingly. Life makes no sense without pursuing God relentlssly in order to worship Him.

Tom Inglis

The very thing within us that causes us to want to praise is our breath, Psalm 150:6 says ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord’. It is our breath that praises God, in fact, that same breath is what was breathed into Adam’s nostrils and the beginning of man in Genesis 2:7, it is that same breath, God’s breath, God’s Spirit, God’s presence that causes us to want to worship. The more we worship the closer His presence and the more intimate we become with His Spirit and in James 4:8 we are instructed to ‘Draw near to God and He will draw near to you’. When we worship we are acknowledging Him in our lives and how he dwells within us, 1 Corinthians 3:16 Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you’,

‘This is the basis of a lifestyle of worship, it’s your response to an ever-abiding intimate loving God irrespective of circumstances in your life.

Something else that caught my attention in this lessons was that we were created to establish God’s kingdom, the love of God operating through the worshiper is the only basis upon which God will allow His kingdom to be built. When we read a script it is sometimes hard to know what the author or director intends until we speak to them directly then we can have a clearer vision

LESSON 1: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

LESSON 1: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

Hi this is my recap of lesson 1 of the course which I have decided to follow, this is not intended to be a full article or bible study but is just me picking out the key topics and themes I got from Lesson 1.

The lesson focused on getting a general understanding of what worship is, as I read the first few pages I could not help but to be reminded of Romans 8:22 ‘For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together with labour pains until now’. What made me remember this scripture the most, is that through this scripture I learnt that everything is alive and has its own sound, that everything on this earth can groan and even in the groaning God hears creation. God created creation to have the ability to worship from the mountains to the minuscule creatures that wander the Earth ‘ All the earth will worship you and sing praise to you, they will sing praise to your name’ (Psalm 66:4).

  • Starts praise Him- Psalm 148:3, 65:13
  • Valleys sing- Isaiah 44:23; 49:13
  • Mountains sing- Isaiah 55:12
  • Trees sing – 1 Chronicles 16:33
  • Heavens sing Isaiah 44:23; 49:13
  • Waste places sing – Isaiah 52; 1 Chronicles 16:32
  • Seas roar a praise- Psalm 98:7; 69:34

Even the Angels worship and praise the Lord. So with this in mind you then begin to wonder why God would need our praise and worship… honestly he doesn’t… God is still God irrespective of our worship or not, we are perhaps the ones in need of worship more. In that state of worship, there is a level of humility that one reaches when all else holds little importance, in that state of worship as a daily lifestyle we are acknowledging God’s significance over everything else and we allow for His authority to take action within and around us. I love it when Tom Inglis ( author of course) writes

“when we worship Him we enthrone Him in our lives and circumstances and His power is released to dethrone everything contrary to His will for our lives”

When we worship all else bows before God, sickness , poverty ( you name it) must come under submission because we through our act of worship have lifted the name of God above any principalities here on Earth and in Spirit (Ephesians 6).

To conclude

Another scripture that I was reminded of was Psalm 30:9 , ‘What gain is there in my death, in my descending to the Pit? Will the dust praise you? will it proclaim Your truth’

This scripture was one of my go-to prayers, I a human was created to worship the Lord of all in all that I do, I have no other true ability besides that as this is something innate within me ( and you) that even the rocks though they can praise you, Lord, it is not the same… So let me worship and praise you forevermore as that is the best offering I could ever give.

Psalmody: international school of worship

The other day whilst clearing one of the rooms in the house, I stumbled on this booklet that my mother had received from our church as part of a course that she took many years back.

This booklet is:



lifestyle principle of worship

By Tom Inglis

Now , I have never taken part in this course and I thought it would be a novel idea to follow through the pages in this booklet with you all.

The whole aim of this ministry is ‘to help people get to know God more and worship Him’ and to apply ‘worship as a lifestyle

There are 13 chapters to thus course as follows:

  1. Worship Overview
  2. Created to worship
  3. Breakthrough worship – 1
  4. Breakthrough worship -2
  5. Breakthrough worship – 3
  6. Covenant worship
  7. Kingdom worship
  8. Worship in the New Testament
  9. Prayer & Worship
  10. Remembrance & worship
  11. Confession & worship
  12. Celebrate your freedom
  13. Delivering power of thanksgiving

I would like to state that I hold no rights or claims to this booklet and instead encourage all of you to visit this link if you want to follow along with me on a weekly basis as I go through the booklet.

The first post for this course will be on May 7th, 2019. So I hope to see you then.


Jesus the King who died for us

Jesus the King who died for us
Hi thank you for joining us on the Fall For Christ Series, if you would like to receive a FREE PDF copy of the entire series as well as other notes please email Starting With Jesus before the 20th February 2019 with the subject line #FFCF and you should hopefully receive the online #FFCF pack sometime in March.

Our Father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come and thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Lord, I pray that your will, will be established on Earth and that Lord may this Earth be a part of your Kingdom where you are the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. Amen

“My kingdom is not of this world” said Jesus “If My Kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I wouldn’t be handed over to the Jews. As it is, My Kingdom does not have its origins here”

John 18:36

Jesus may have come as a man on this Earth to serve, but ultimately Jesus was not of this Earth, He was God and King. He came to this Earth to establish rulership over our hearts, however, His Kingdom did not originate on this Earth, as such on Earth He was a King without subjects because His kingdom was not of this world. Had His Kingdom been of this world He could have called upon his servants to fight on His behalf and call upon them ‘so that [he would] not strike [his] foot against a stone’ (Matthew 4:6, Psalm 91:11-12). To establish His rulership over this Earth and take away ‘the keys of death and hades’ (Revelations 1:18) from Satan, Jesus had to enter Hell and He could only do so if He relinquished His title as God and King, as only a man could take back what a man (Adam) had given away ( eternal life with God). Even just a declaration of His heavenly title as the ‘I am’ (John 18:5-6) still made men fall, with this understanding Jesus Christ could have easily had the cup of judgment (John 18:11) pass from his lips but chose instead to go through this harrowing death.

 â€śThe Father loves me because I lay down my life that I may have it back again. No one can kill me without my consent—I lay down my life voluntarily. For I have the right and power to lay it down when I want to and also the right and power to take it again. For the Father has given me this right.”

John 10: 17-18 (TLB)

What happened in John 18:5-6, is a testament of how Jesus was still in control of the situation, that what had been premeditated by Judas had already been foreseen long before the beginning of time. A Company of soldiers had followed Judas with the intention of capturing Christ should he choose to flee, but as spoken in previous posts the time had not yet arrived for Christ’s crucifixion, so prior to chapter 18 no man could touch or harm Christ. However, the time for Jesus’ sacrifice had come and if not for the Father removing the protection over Jesus, these men would not have had any ‘authority over Me [Jesus] at all’ (John 19:11). Jesus was not a victim in all of this, for he voluntarily chose to follow the men without putting a fight so that He would be a victor over death.

The irony in all of this was that Jesus was the true High Priest and the innocent lamb whose blood covered the doors of the Jews in Egypt from the Angel of death and protected their firstborn from being killed ( this story is known as the Passover). He was the one with whom His blood we cover our lives so that the Spirit, having been rebirthed to life, would not die when the accuser accuses Gods people of not being worthy enough to be called Gods children. He, Jesus, was the one who would make us clean and stand before the Lord God undefiled as spoken about in The purifying Spirit. However, these men whose Father was the devil (John 8:44), their hearts were already defiled for what they thought of was murder and evil, so there is great irony in that they didn’t want ‘to enter the headquarters themselves; otherwise they would be defiled and unable to eat the Passover’ (John 18:28), yet the true Passover ( The lamb to be sacrificed whose blood would cover all who wore it), the one that could actually purify them was the one they were planning to kill. All their man-made efforts and religion was fruitless when their hearts were so far gone from the Lords heart.

To know the Lord and His heart is to accept Him as your King and ruler and to understand the sacrifice that He made to set you free so that death could have no hold on you. When the Lord sets you free, you can begin to see things that otherwise were hidden to your natural eyes. In chapter 9 when the blind man had been given sight, his newfound sight meant He was kicked out of the synagogue because He was proclaiming things that those with eyes could not see because their eyes where not focused on the spiritual; the Lord in chapter 17: 24, prays that we will one day see the fathers glory. The Pharisees’ hearts did not know the Father or Christ and so they walked in prison chains yet through their earthly eyes felt that they were walking free and felt that their Earthly rituals (John 18:28) were what was keeping them free, this is perhaps the greatest tragedy that those with eyes to see remain blind.

We who have been blessed with new spiritual eyes, can not help but fall deeper in Love with the person that so recklessly loved us that He voluntarily chose to lay his life for us.

John 17: 21: Our Prayer

John 17: 21: Our Prayer
Hi thank you for joining us on the Fall For Christ Series, if you would like to receive a FREE PDF copy of the entire series as well as other notes please email Starting With Jesus before the 20th February 2019 with the subject line #FFCF and you should hopefully receive the online #FFCF pack sometime in March.

I would just like to thank you all for your patience despite the prolonged absence. Last week I had been so excited that there would be only 3 days till the end of the Fall For Christ February series, but unfortunately, I became seriously ill and had to take sick leave from work and what’s more pause on the series. However, I am so glad that the Lord has restored my health and these last few posts are perhaps going to be far more significant than anything we have covered in this series. So I pray that nothing will prevent this series from its initial intentions and I pray that it may encourage all to seek and know the Lord more including myself. So with this in mind, Let us begin the final 3 posts of #FFCF

May they be one, as You, Father , are in Me and I am in You. May they also be one in Us, so the world may believe You sent Me

John 17:21

Now the hour was arriving when Christ would no longer be with His people, in the same manner, He had been since His birth on Earth. Knowing that the hour of His death was approaching, Christ was not going to leave His disciples ill-equipped or ill-prepared, with Christ they had been under such privileged protection but now that Christ was going to be with the Father, the reality of being a follower of Christ was going to become more known to them. To follow Christ is to receive persecution, like the blind man who had received sight for the first time, these disciples were going to be banned ‘from the synagogues’ (John 16:2, 9:35) and even killed ( by misguided zealots) for speaking the truth of Jesus Christ. Jesus told us this not to discourage but to encourage us so that we would not lose faith when faced with persecution.

Chapter 15 emphasis’ that believers must remain connected with Christ, for when we are connected ( when we are in Christ) it is like being a branch on a vine that does not shake, whose roots do not get lifted up in times of storm and persecution, and who is not infected ( with sin) so the fruits which it produces are many and are good. However, the only way that we can remain connected with Christ despite Him not ministering on Earth as Man is to be connected to His very own spirit, Chapter 16 as explained in previous posts gives a brief outlook of what the Holy Spirit ministry is about on Earth. Despite being informed about how the Holy Spirit allows for us to operate in a symbiotic relationship with the Father and Son who are in heaven like Jesus Christ did on Earth, however, as no man ( apart from Christ) had ever lived such a connected and intimate relationship with the Godhead before, this unison was and still is unfamiliar, but through the Lord’s prayer in Chapter 17 we get a glimpse of how this relationship operates, in order for us to mirror and remain connected with Christ.

Now, Father, glorify Me in Your presence with that glory I had with you before the wordl existed

John 17:5

If there had been any doubt of Christ’ origins as the Messiah, John 17 clarifies any misunderstandings, for the Lord was sent down from heaven to do the Fathers work, He was the manner spoken of in John 6 that was to give ‘eternal life’ so that the Father may be ‘glorified on Earth’ (John 17: 3). He, Christ, had been with the Father long before the establishment of this Earth and had resided in the same presence and glory that was with the Father and through His death and resurrection would too be once again reestablished ‘in your presence with that glory I had with You before the world existed’ (John 17:5). Chapter 17 demonstrates that Christ is still praying for us so that we are protected by His name (*John 17:11), what’s more, is that Chris is not just praying for our protection but so that we may also be joined with Him, the Father and the Holy Spirit so that we ‘may be one as We [the Godhead] are one’ (verse 11). The ultimate goal of Christ’s ministry on Earth was so that we could establish ourselves within His presence, in the same manner, that Christ prayed for the glory, the manifestation of the Father’s presence to be once again in Him (verse 5), so too must we reach a level in which this presence which He has given to us from the Father (verse 22) operates in our lives. When we have the Father’s glory operating in our own lives, we may be in the world but we ‘are not of the world’ (John 17:16) as the way we see and understand is through the lenses of God’s glory and not through corrupted flesh.


*’Holy Father protect them by Your name that You have given Me’ (John 17:11, Jesus’ name is above all other names, it is the name that we call out and we receive our healing and salvation. However, in this passage, Christ had not yet been crucified nor had he been resurrected as such His name was not yet exalted as it would be later on, so whilst on Earth, everything was conducted through the Father.