The February series into the Book of John , may have to be postponed for a little while as I recover from a chest infection/ cold. I know that what God has started will end well, so I am not concerned, but I do ask for patience until then.

Want to Get Involved

Want to Get Involved

Starting With Jesus aims to build a community of Christian believers and lovers of Christ. We take rolling admissions for the site including (but not exclusive to) the following:

  • Written pieces including topics seen on this site
  • Poetry
  • photography
  • Video Editing
  • graphic design

How Do I Submit? 

If you want to get involved just email with the subject line “SWJ Submissions”.

For partnerships and advertisement requests please send to




My name is Munashe (Muna for short), I am an African born, British raised, Kingdom Warrior and I am also the creator of Starting With Jesus. When I found myself sturggling to pray or read the bible, I created this site to reignite the passion I once had and encourage myself not to seperate from from God.

I hope that you too would be encouraged to continue in your faith as much as I have been through this blog.

I hope that you too would be encouraged to continue in your faith as much as I have been through this blog. You can read more about my story HERE

Partner with us

Partner with us

Starting With Jesus is about helping people to position themselves in line with Gods will and love for them. It exists to continually encourage spiritual growth and fellowship with Christ and if  you would like to partner with Starting With Jesus please email us.

Our demographic ranges from young adults as young as 17 to mature adults in their 50s. It targets people who already know about Christ but want to strengthen their understanding and grow spiritually. Our message is simply found in John 17:21 and it is to reunite God’s people back to His presence, so that all men may be in one accord with heaven.

We offer a variety of advertising spaces including ads featured on:

  • Home page
  • Specific Article Page
  • Our monthly Newsletter
  • Sponsored content on our site or on our various social media platforms