Love’s Expiry Date

January is the hardest month to get through. January is the hardest month for anyone living in the northern hemisphere. Nothing about January screams comfort, as the cold winter month rattles the frostbitten bones, one can not help but find solace in the warm embrace of an electric heater, and who can blame me. A […]

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Work out thy salvation

man holding a shovel

GRACE is the free unmerited favour of God, the same GRACE that showed mercy to us so that we could receive salvation. GRACE is not earned, it is not something deserved. There were no mountain that we had to climb, or bears we had to fight, no amount of missionaries and charity work could ever […]

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The Imperfect Perfectionist

Untill I started writing for this post, I honestly thought that being a perfectionist was a good thing, but I guess God is saying something else about me.

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