Did I ask you to grow tomatoes?

Some years back I was listening to a sermon by Joyce Meyer, within that sermon she began to talk about how lovely her neighbours garden was, and how perfectly manicured her lawn was and how whatever plant her neighbour grew would just look so astonishing, whilst hers was a mess. So one day she decided that she (Meyer), was going to grow beautiful tomatos comparable to her neighbour’s, she brought manure , studied how to properly seed the tomatoes and prayed for these seeds night and day but sadly nothing. Whilst her neighbours plants continued to flourish her’s looked diseased ( adding my own interpretation to the story for entertainment value). She became incredibly fustrated

“Why can’t I grow these bloody things!” she exclaimed

It didn’t take long til she turned her frustrations onto God, wasn’t she a minster, wasn’t she more spiritual than her neighbour, had she not prayed for her tomatoes to grow well ?

“God why can’t I grow nice tomatoes like my neighbour?” she asked, not long after she spoke a voice dropped into her heart

“Did I ask you to grow tomatoes?”

All this time she had been getting frustrated by something she didn’t even need to do.

In Zimbabwe ( where I am from), when you buy new furniture you buy it pre-made all you have to do is move it in, however, in England ( where I live), when you buy furniture it arrives in components that you have to assemble to get the desired product. A lot of the times, these do-it-yourself furnitures come with instructions that IF ( and that is a BIG ‘IF’) we choose to follow can get the furntiure assembled quickly but I’m sure many of us have by-passed the instruction manual or have missed a step and found ourselves trying to wedge two seperate components together that shouldn’t even be touching one another, we become fustrated at the manufacurer deeply regretting the day you thought it a nice idea to buy that piece of furntiure, or in the case of Joyce Meyer getting fustrated at our inability to do something we didn’t need to do particulaly when the instuction manual aka God never told you to piece those compnents together . I’m sure that all of you are smart and can understand the moral of the story, that we should really let God lead.

Wisdom is letting God lead you not vice versa. People tend to say that knowledge is power but I say knowledge is a key to wisdom, because no matter how much we know that if God leads all is well, no matter how much we know that the manufacturers provided us with a detailed correct instruction manual or that God never told us to plant tomatoes we still do the opposite. We are told countless times in the Bible to pursue biblical wisdom, ‘to get wisdom, get understanding… for she will watch over you’ (Proverbs 4:5-6), an entire book is dedicated to wisdom and her ways. A fool is not a fool because he has no knowlegde ,he is a fool because he chooses to not apply wisdom. The level of wisdom one has determines how they use their knowledge let me give an example:

We know we must study to pass our exams, we also know that we must give time to study long before the exam so that the learned information is retained. Yet a fool chooses to do all their studying the night before despite knowing that it’s not the best option.

I love a particular song by a Jesus culture, called ‘where you go I go’ because of the lyrics:

“Jesus only did what he saw you do, He would only say what He heard You Speak, He would only move when He felt you lead”

This was the wisdom Jesus had when he was on Earth, He knew nothing could happen unless he was totally dependent on God. Unless God tells you to there is no point to do it… it’s not that planting tomatoes is a bad activity it’s rather enjoyable in my opinion, but should the activity take you away from the glory or remove you from His presence then it is not great and we then need to re-adjust our reasoning for starting the activity.

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