Fall For Christ February

Today I am announcing a new Bible Study series that ‘Starting With Jesus’ will be doing for the first 14 days of February. In this series, we will explore the 21 chapters of the Book of John leading up to Valentine’s day, with each day a new post will be uploaded as well as daily prayer and meditation at 5 am (GMT) on Instagram stories.

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The Book of John is so unique compared to the other three Gospels because it is not there to prove Jesus Abrahamic lineage, but it is there to consolidate Christ as the Son of God and His deity. It is unique compared to the other Gospels, containing ‘no narrative parables…no account of Jesus exorcising demons or healing lepers, no list of the twelve apostles and no formal institution of the Lord’s Supper, it neither records Jesus’ birth, baptism, transfiguration, temptation or agony in Gethsemane or His ascension’ (MacArthur Commentary 2006: 1). Most of what John writes in His Gospel is not found in the others but they are not a contradiction to what is written in the other books. Instead, John writes the book from His perspective and often refers to Himself as ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’, for this reason, I really want us to concentrate on what it means to be a disciple whom Jesus loves and to have the audacity and confidence to self-title one with such a name ‘The one whom Jesus Loved’.

My prayer is that may we by the end of the 14 days also hold such confidence to title ourselves as beloved by Christ and Fall in love reassured by our knowledge of the ‘length, the width height and depth of His love for us’. Amen

So Save the date , and I’ll see you all on Friday 1st February 2019

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