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We have so far spent time understanding Christ as God and His purpose to give eternal life and judge men’s actions. We have emphasised on the need for Christians to move away from flesh and seek the Lord God Almighty, but today, today we focus on what it means to have someone who loves you so much. I pray that today may His love just overwhelm you and surround you, and may you never question but know how great His love is for you. Amen

I have come to represent my Father, yet you refuse to embrace me in faith. But when someone comes in their own name and with their own agenda, you readily accept him

John 5:43-44 (TPT)

The video above is taken from one of John Bevere’s sermon on Killing Kryptonite, it is about a wife with many boyfriends who can not understand why her husband is not happy when she loves Him more than all the other men in her life. This 4-minute video is meant to be a comedy, but it hits on something important found in John 6.

In our Western understanding of marriage, there is one husband and one wife and they are bonded over a covenant ( read more). This understanding of what a marriage ought to be like is modelled after the relationship God seeks with His people, that there be only one God. This is because God is not interested in being one of the many important things in your life, He doesn’t want to be viewed as just your teacher providing you with wisdom every now and then, He wants to be your all-in-all. This is because He knows that if He were to give you anything less than Himself He would be holding back many things from you, He wants to give you all of Himself even His life. Yet, our lack of understanding of how much he loves us means that many of us take His love for granted and instead are easily persuaded by imitations or fabrications of false gods’ and not God.

In the Bible, we find that God often uses adulteress women as examples of His love for us, with us being the adulteress woman and our extra-martial affairs being the other things that we put before God. In Hosea 1:2, God instructs Hosea to ‘Go and marry a promiscuous wife and [have] children of promiscuity, for the whole land has been promiscuous by abandoning the Lord’, He instructed Hosea to ‘Go again; show love to a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress, just as the Lord loves the Israelites though they turn to other gods’ (Hosea 3:1). He wanted through Hosea to demonstrate His never-ending love for His people despite them hurting Him, for He knew that His love for them exceeded any lust that other men/gods could give. As such when we read about the woman at the well who was an adultress woman (John 4:18), we are reminded that Christ came to win His bride back. Before he could do this He needed to address the root cause of her sins and to do this He had her call the men that she had been with (John 4:16) and reach their hearts too so that they would no longer be her idols and vice versa. Her reputation with men before Christ where the areas that she cherished and hid the most, notice how in John 4:19 she quickly changes the subject lest Christ was to speak more about Her past, but Christ wanted to challenge this area that she was not letting go to make space for Christ to enter in.

Unless He is our all-in-all, Christ cannot begin to truly operate in our lives

Unless He is our all-in-all, Christ cannot begin to truly operate in our lives. In John 6 there were many people who were following Christ to the point of wanting to forcefully make Him their ‘King’ (John 6:15), they wanted Christ to constantly perform these amazing miracles and give them food every day. Christ had fed them earthly food so that they could look to him for spiritual food, yet still, the people did not understand the distinction between the two (see John 6:34). So he made it even more explicit that the real eternal bread God gives comes from heaven (Verse 33) and that He was that ‘bread who came down from heaven’ (Verse 42) and that if one is pursuing eternal life with God they need to eat of this heavenly bread (Christ). In the same manner that the tabernacle priests sacrificed a lamb and ate it as atonement for the people’s sins (Leviticus 10:17) so too, Christ was the lamb slain that we sinners should devour ( as was done on the cross) for the atonement of our sins, this is why John the Baptist identified Christ as ‘Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world…[and again] look! The lamb of God (John 1:29 &36) to the Jews. To us, it is strange to think to eat flesh and drink blood, but to the Jews who had been told by God not to eat anything with blood, as this would make the food ceremonially unclean, found Jesus’ statement abhorrent. Jesus was purposefully making His followers offended (verse 60), for now, was the time to separate the true believers and the ‘gold-diggers'( could not think of another appropriate term to use), for Christ was seeking those hungry for Him those who could continue to trust in Him even when they could not comprehend His ways or speach (verse 64); He lost many followers from that day on.

To end today’s post I want to ask us this question: Knowing how much He loves you even when you remain distant from Him, can you give up all else and be committed to Him even when you don’t understand all His way?

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