LESSON 7: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2


I have to admit, for the last few weeks I have been on the lazy-side, I was even contemplating on pausing this series or anything that I write on this blog for sometime. Why? Well part of me was wondering whether this was the right track to take, ( “I mean I really didn’t consult God when creating this blog” she confesses), creating this blog had been a vague idea of mine for quite a while but it wasn’t untill I felt I was in a desperate situation trying to crawl back to His Kingdom did I feel I needed something to push and encourage me in my endevours. I thought I could just pause on this Psalmody series purley because

  • I felt like I wasn’t being impacted in the same manner as I did when reading the book of John in the ‘Fall for Christ Series’
  • I wasn’t making the milestones on this blog as I would have desired so, naturally concluded I must be doing something wrong surely?

It came to mind several times that I never actually consulted God or waited to hear from Him ( like so many other things), and the thought that creating this site was a mistake was on my mind. But then I remembered that from the first post God had been revealing so many other things to me through the Bible and had even directed my studies considerably particularly about ‘The High Priest, the Tabernacle and His covenant’-> things previously learnt but never fully understood. Again ! please do not look to me as an avid reader of anything let alone the Bible or even someone who prays consistently in fact, I look to these peopel with both jealousy and apathy at the same time. I’ve mentioned this several times in other posts but this site was literally created to force me to open the bible and potentially if and when I had or have the courage ask God what to do for the next post. Although, I feel like I have made no progress; I have. Before SWJ, the thought of opening the bible just gave me a headache ( mind you I had just finished my ‘BA honours’ in a subject that requires a great deal of reading), now it doesn’t I’m actually excited to open my bible when I remember where I placed it, and in terms of prayer … well I have to get back to you on that one.

So why am I telling you all of these things when the topic for this lesson is ‘Kingdom Worship’. I realised this week that I have been thinking from an Earthly perspective of the word ‘success’ and not God’s version of success. Just being called a Daughter of the Most High is a success, my name even means Christ is with Me (TRUTH!!!!!), knowing that I am a fully fledged member of His kingdom is SUCCESS!!!. I was thinking about Abraham a lot these last 2 weeks and just thinking how much of a biblical success he was but on Earth he left his VERY comfortable life to live in a tent for the rest of his life he didn’t even see the kingdom ( both the physcial land of Canaan and the spiritual God’s kingdom) that God was talking about. If I had been Abraham and God had told me his going to build a nation from my womb I would have expected to be a Queen of a nation or something, but I appreciated Abraham because it is at that moment I realised that he was not thinking of himself he was thinking of God and His perfect Kingdom.

I don’t need to concern myself with who is seeing these posts or how many followers I have or how holy or spiritual I am in comparison to so-and-so because I know the Holy Spirit is molding me into the perfection that God sees inside of me. My focus is on revealing the glory of God to all mankind ( wow, as I wrote that sentence I think I’ve just found my purpose) the limelight is not on me it’s on God and his Kingdom, I wanted to return to that same relationship and even further which I had a year ago and I want you to also follow me not because of me but because your seeing God —> your following not because you see another sheep, but because you see the shepherd … am I making sense????

There is something which Tom wrote in the lessons and it is this:

” The church has focused so much on just getting into the kingdom through salvation, but have little understanding of how the kingdom works and what to do when we are in the kingdom”

I think this is sadly true, and I am looking at myself when I say this, living in the kingdom is seldom taught and it is not something we have to wait till we get to heaven to do, Please read the Book of John to witness Jesus living in the Kingdom whilst still on Earth or alternativley check out the ‘Fall for Christ series’.

I know I have just been rambling about a lot of things, and have commented little from the Lesson 7 Kingdom Worship, but the truth is this is my recap of what I’ve learnt from reading the series so far and I can write whatever I like.

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