LESSON 9 : Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

This is my recap of lesson 9 of the course which I have decided to follow, this is not intended to be a full article or bible study but is just me picking out the key topics and themes I got from Lesson 9.

Prayer and Worship

We often forget that we are spiritual beings and the God we serve is Spirit (John 4:24) therefore we must worship him in Spirit (John 4:24). Unfortunately, we sadly rely on our physical state rather than our spiritual. We believe in things that we see, hear and do with our physical bodies and have greater trust in this then the things our spirit-man see’s , hears and does. What this means, is that our worship does not quite reach the standard of worship God expects from us. We believe that our physical actions hold greater value then our spiritual actions because we can see the entire process of the work we do, for instance in regards to healing we see the process of when we applied medicine onto a wound and bandaged it and we saw the wound scab until it eventually fully healed. However, when we pray to God for healing, we can not see the process, from when our message reaches heaven to when its petitioned for by Christ , to when it is transferred onto a ministering angel until the wound is completely healed. So it makes it difficult have faith in kneeling in prayer.

God’s plan for every believer is to synergise prayer and raise together maximum results. Separately they are powerful an render amazing results, but when combined they are literally earth shaking (Acts 16:25)

Praying Christian is a dangerous Christian– WHY??!!– a praying Christian is a christian who has cultivated an intimate relationship with the Father. In mine and probably your own view, it is difficult to trust someone’s words whe you have never met them before this is why contracts are made should someone not follow their word, however, with a friend or family if they say they will do it you trust their words because you know them bettr , you see them on a frequent basis. When you commune with the Father often it becomes easier to trust His word and trust in a process that your physical eyes can not

“When we pray we fellowship with God by telling Him our needs, or the needs of others. When we praise Him, we are telling Him that we believe our needs are met according to His Word”

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