Love’s Expiry Date

January is the hardest month to get through. January is the hardest month for anyone living in the northern hemisphere. Nothing about January screams comfort, as the cold winter month rattles the frostbitten bones, one can not help but find solace in the warm embrace of an electric heater, and who can blame.

A few days ago as I was seeking refuge in the warmth of my electric heater and appreciating its presence in my room, I could not help but wonder… what if it suddenly stopped working?… Would my affection for this inanimate object stop?

As I began to ponder on these questions and my relationship with other items and goods that have failed to meet their purpose or have disappointed me in any other way such as my old car, my old phone, and even my old friendships. I began to realise that my love for these objects stopped when they failed to fulfill their purpose. I don’t know how but it got me to question if I would ever stop loving God if he failed to meet His purpose in my life?

At that moment I couldn’t help but think, what purpose does God have in my life? To my surprise the answer came quickly, the only purpose I should focus on is just Him simply loving me. God’s love has never had a beginning and it certainly has no expiry date. He will never stop loving me, he will never falter or disappoint. I will never have to replace him for other things that imitate his eternal love.

Now, dear readers, in the same manner, I asked myself the question, I now ask you what purpose does God have in your life?


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