LESSON 4: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

LESSON 4: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

This is my recap of lesson 4 of the course which I have decided to follow, this is not intended to be a full article or bible study but is just me picking out the key topics and themes I got from Lesson 4.


However you have been legally judged by God and found innocent so there is no place i your life for condemnation or guilt… condemnaton, guilt and shame i not yours to receivee unlessyou believe the lies of the devil, so reject forcibly and bring captive to Christ every thought regarding it.

Tom Inglis

Praise and worship is the most powerful weapon to use in overcoming accusation,condemnation and guilt.

The above sentences are extracts taken from the booklet that stood out to me the most.

I remember a few years back listening to a well-known individual who came to visit my school for a talk, I don’t remember much of what he said but I do remember him retelling his story of depression and how at one point in his life he really did think he was the devil–>and how he loathed himself because he thought himself to be as despicable as the devil. The devil really is a liar, when he lied to Eve in the Garden of Eden he really did strip man naked and exposed Him and without the Holy Spirit presence it can be easy to believe that we are still exposed but through his shed blood we are covered and made whole dressed in ‘splendid robes’ (Zechariah 3:4). It is through our praises that we are once again reminded of the sacrifice that Jesus took and we can truly celebrate the fact that we have been made sinless, ‘for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down’ (Revelation 12:10).

We can proudly sing, shout and say ‘Now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus ( Romans 8:1)

Here are some other extracts and information i’ve taken from this lesson this lesson:


Trusting in God is like a refining process that allows any bitterness to be removed in the same way we turn muddy water to clear water. Trust is always accompanied by praise as it says in Psalm 5:11


The devil has no justification if we are living godly , we must quickly confess our sins to the Father so the accuser cannot go to work against us


Praise and worship as a daily reminder of the condemnation that Jesus took away from us at the cross


“worship is a lifestyle that brings us complete satisfaction in God alone… praise and worship can take away the dissatisfaction for the desires of what others have


Reverential fear ( worship) of God keeps us from envy

LESSON 3: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

LESSON 3: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

Hi this is my recap of lesson 3 of the course which I have decided to follow, this is not intended to be a full article or bible study but is just me picking out the key topics and themes I got from Lesson 3.

This lesson is titled ‘BREAKTHROUGH WORSHIPERS 1’, and it really is about how through worship we find ourselves breaking away from the dark into the light and reaching new spiritual levels, Tom writes:

“They are not content with the status quo and are pushing through with prevailing prayer and continual worship into spiritual territories of authority in Christ

When we exalt God above ourselves we are allowing Him to take authority and when He takes authority He is then able to take greater action over our circumstances, ( I know I am repeating what has been said before , but the Holy Spirit really is a gentleman He won’t take action unless you ask for it). In the workbook there are some steps mentioned to overcome the hindrances of sin which are as written:

  • Confess the sin
  • Focus on God’s grace
  • Cast down vain imaginations- any thought contrary to God’s
  • Be quick to praise God
  • Give God thanks*

Something which perhaps resonated with me was on point 6 in the Lesson ‘overcoming the hindrance of pride’. I’ve been wanting to know what it means to be humble for I guess there is something humbling about worship because we are turning our attention from ourselves onto Him and magnifying Him above anything and everything else. It is in our humility that the Lord does exalt us.

But when his heart was lifted up, and his mind hardened in pride, he was deposed from his kingly throne, and they took his glory from him

Daniel 5:20

*I know I wrote something on this but can not seem to find them , but there is a difference between giving Thanks and giving Praise

LESSON 2: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

LESSON 2: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

Hi this is my recap of lesson 2 of the course which I have decided to follow, this is not intended to be a full article or bible study but is just me picking out the key topics and themes I got from Lesson 2.

One analogy which I found quite profound was the comparison between our Worship and our dependency on air to survive. Our very being was created to worship, we have been fashioned and sown into the season that we are currently in for a reason, however in the same manner that we can not expect to wake-up without oxygen, we can not expect to function as a whole and not a broken spiritual and living being without worship. Worship is so innate that we can not help but to worship, when we attend a sporting event and hear the crowd cheer for their favourite team are they not cheering and praising in one accord, are they not showing their adoration to their team by chanting along or wearing their team’s colours? We can not help but to worship but often at times we have misdirected our worship and our attention from the one who truly deserves it.

The reason why God created you, to know Him personally, worship Him intimately, and serve Him willingly. Life makes no sense without pursuing God relentlssly in order to worship Him.

Tom Inglis

The very thing within us that causes us to want to praise is our breath, Psalm 150:6 says ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord’. It is our breath that praises God, in fact, that same breath is what was breathed into Adam’s nostrils and the beginning of man in Genesis 2:7, it is that same breath, God’s breath, God’s Spirit, God’s presence that causes us to want to worship. The more we worship the closer His presence and the more intimate we become with His Spirit and in James 4:8 we are instructed to ‘Draw near to God and He will draw near to you’. When we worship we are acknowledging Him in our lives and how he dwells within us, 1 Corinthians 3:16 Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you’,

‘This is the basis of a lifestyle of worship, it’s your response to an ever-abiding intimate loving God irrespective of circumstances in your life.

Something else that caught my attention in this lessons was that we were created to establish God’s kingdom, the love of God operating through the worshiper is the only basis upon which God will allow His kingdom to be built. When we read a script it is sometimes hard to know what the author or director intends until we speak to them directly then we can have a clearer vision

LESSON 1: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

LESSON 1: Psalmody international School of Worship Level 2

Hi this is my recap of lesson 1 of the course which I have decided to follow, this is not intended to be a full article or bible study but is just me picking out the key topics and themes I got from Lesson 1.

The lesson focused on getting a general understanding of what worship is, as I read the first few pages I could not help but to be reminded of Romans 8:22 ‘For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together with labour pains until now’. What made me remember this scripture the most, is that through this scripture I learnt that everything is alive and has its own sound, that everything on this earth can groan and even in the groaning God hears creation. God created creation to have the ability to worship from the mountains to the minuscule creatures that wander the Earth ‘ All the earth will worship you and sing praise to you, they will sing praise to your name’ (Psalm 66:4).

  • Starts praise Him- Psalm 148:3, 65:13
  • Valleys sing- Isaiah 44:23; 49:13
  • Mountains sing- Isaiah 55:12
  • Trees sing – 1 Chronicles 16:33
  • Heavens sing Isaiah 44:23; 49:13
  • Waste places sing – Isaiah 52; 1 Chronicles 16:32
  • Seas roar a praise- Psalm 98:7; 69:34

Even the Angels worship and praise the Lord. So with this in mind you then begin to wonder why God would need our praise and worship… honestly he doesn’t… God is still God irrespective of our worship or not, we are perhaps the ones in need of worship more. In that state of worship, there is a level of humility that one reaches when all else holds little importance, in that state of worship as a daily lifestyle we are acknowledging God’s significance over everything else and we allow for His authority to take action within and around us. I love it when Tom Inglis ( author of course) writes

“when we worship Him we enthrone Him in our lives and circumstances and His power is released to dethrone everything contrary to His will for our lives”

When we worship all else bows before God, sickness , poverty ( you name it) must come under submission because we through our act of worship have lifted the name of God above any principalities here on Earth and in Spirit (Ephesians 6).

To conclude

Another scripture that I was reminded of was Psalm 30:9 , ‘What gain is there in my death, in my descending to the Pit? Will the dust praise you? will it proclaim Your truth’

This scripture was one of my go-to prayers, I a human was created to worship the Lord of all in all that I do, I have no other true ability besides that as this is something innate within me ( and you) that even the rocks though they can praise you, Lord, it is not the same… So let me worship and praise you forevermore as that is the best offering I could ever give.

Psalmody: international school of worship

The other day whilst clearing one of the rooms in the house, I stumbled on this booklet that my mother had received from our church as part of a course that she took many years back.

This booklet is:



lifestyle principle of worship

By Tom Inglis

Now , I have never taken part in this course and I thought it would be a novel idea to follow through the pages in this booklet with you all.

The whole aim of this ministry is ‘to help people get to know God more and worship Him’ and to apply ‘worship as a lifestyle

There are 13 chapters to thus course as follows:

  1. Worship Overview
  2. Created to worship
  3. Breakthrough worship – 1
  4. Breakthrough worship -2
  5. Breakthrough worship – 3
  6. Covenant worship
  7. Kingdom worship
  8. Worship in the New Testament
  9. Prayer & Worship
  10. Remembrance & worship
  11. Confession & worship
  12. Celebrate your freedom
  13. Delivering power of thanksgiving

I would like to state that I hold no rights or claims to this booklet and instead encourage all of you to visit this link if you want to follow along with me on a weekly basis as I go through the booklet.

The first post for this course will be on May 7th, 2019. So I hope to see you then.


Overcoming Fear!!!

Overcoming Fear!!!
No Longer Slaves (Official lyrics video)

When I first heard this song (being the smart arse that I am) I honestly thought they got the lyrics wrong, I didn’t understand why the singers sang:

“I am no longer a slave to fear”

I mean shouldn’t it have been ” I am no longer a slave to sin”, wouldn’t that be a more accurate portrayal of what is written in the bible, if you haven’t guessed I am a stickler for rules and regulations and although this is a good thing ( I think?) it does limit my understanding of God because I like things to fit in a box and God does not fit in a box, however, in this context I honestly thought that they miss-referenced Romans 6: 22 which says:

“But now, since you have been liberated from sin and become enslaved to God”

With the key phrase being “liberated from sin” which would go hand-in-hand with the phrase ” no longer a slave to sin”, but this was not the case. Despite my misgivings, I continued to listen and worship to the song, because the lyrics were pretty powerful but only now do I understand why these lyrics are powerful and why the writers did not get confused when they wrote: “I am no longer a slave to fear”.

As a 15-year-old I remember sitting in my bedroom making a poster of all the easy scriptures that I could memorise, I am glad I did that because a lot of the ones which I memorised then have remained even to this day and more specifically this scripture:

‘For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love and sound judgement’

2 Timothy 1:7 (HCSB)

I would proudly declare this scripture out-loud in my room in my attempts to memorise it, but I never actually sat down to think why God would not give us a spirit of fear, is it not fear that gives us the adrenaline to fight, isn’t fear the thing that makes us cautious of certain areas and allows us to avoid disaster, does it not say in the bible ‘fear the lord’? However, with time I came to understand fear as a paralysing illness that can render its subjects to complete disability.

YES: the Bible does instruct us to fear the lord, but this is a different kind of fear to the one I am talking about. Often because of translation some words and interpretations are not fully expressed, so when the bible says to fear the lord it can be understood as ‘revere or respect’ whilst the one mentioned in 2 Timothy 1:7 is understood to mean ‘timidness’ and other such connotations ( this information can be found in the ‘Strong’s Concordance’ or other reference bible’s).

As mentioned in ‘2018: My Spider Thread’, 2017/18 was a challenging year for me as I still had a lot of uncertainties about my future. I was now in my final year of university and still lost as to where God wanted to take me or how, every single direction seemed like the wrong one and the more I pressed in, in prayer the more silent God seemed to get regarding my circumstances which ultimately led to me throwing a tantrum with God that if He would not answer me than I would stop talking to Him. I was angry because God had been the one who had directed my steps to that university and I had followed His decision believing that he wouldn’t leave me stranded at the end, but here I was standing at cliff-edge staring at the vast barrenness in front of me; alone and afraid. I wasn’t coming from the position of a new believer, this wasn’t my first time not getting an answer and as I write this now I am still waiting for a response to a prayer I have given many times since infancy, I knew that God was operating and in many areas of my life God was responding daily — but why was He remaining silent in this area? As graduation day loomed, I was terrified, terrified of walking in the dark, terrified of everything. Many opportunities were available but I was so uncertain of which way was right and which way was wrong that I did nothing, and when I decided to no longer focus if this was the right path or not I still had a lot of doubt as to whether I was qualified or not and instead I went from dreaming big, to dreaming small to not dreaming at all.

All that I knew was that ‘fear did not belong to God, therefore, it did not belong to me’

I felt stuck like this minibus I was in

I’ve only ever experienced one panic attack in my life and that was when I was learning how to drive and I couldn’t get the car up the hill, I was in tears, sweating and shaking and although I did overcome that hill that very day, the experience did leave me traumatised. I wasn’t born shy or afraid, in fact, I would say I am the complete opposite of that, that is why that experience was so surreal that despite going on to pass my driving test first time, I dared not drive a car ever again. A lot of people would be so grateful to receive a car for a graduation present but I wasn’t, because every time when I looked at that car I didn’t think about the day I casually passed the driving test, I thought about the time when I was a learner struggling to get up the hill, and I became even more terrified to drive that my mother had to push me into driving again. This same fear is what shrouded me all throughout last year and the beginning of this year, I felt paralysed in time – time was moving ahead of me whilst I remained stagnant.

There are so many scriptures in the bible where the Father speaks to His children telling them:

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Isaiah 41: 10

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4: 6-7

Have I not commanded you?  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go’.

Joshua 1:9

Fear narrows your periphery, it makes it difficult to see anything past your nose, it is so loud that it overtakes all other thoughts. In the same manner it had paralysed me in the car, it had paralysed me in life, for instance as it was my penultimate year at university there was this year-long dissertation I had to complete but due to my fear of actually starting it, I really struggled with it and ended up submitting something which I wrote in such a short period, my assignments and other works which I had easily completed in previous years; I was finding it more difficult to balance. The unexplainable peace which I had had in previous years was nowhere to be seen. There is this passage in Mathew 6: 25-34, where Jesus is saying, aren’t you worth more than the flowers or the birds, but fear really did make me forget about my position as a Son of God, a Royal Priest, a Bride of Christ beautifully adorned.

Before last year I thought I was brave, bold, extrovert but last year really highlighted an area of my life which I hadn’t noticed ‘fear’. Going back a few paragraphs when I first read 2 Timothy 1:7, I thought what it was saying was that we shouldn’t feel afraid or intimidated by God like the Israelites of the wilderness or Naked Adam and Eve did, and instead know that God loves us and gives good gifts to His children like ‘power, love and sound-mind’. However, I missed something important which is this:

‘God does not give us a spirit of fear’

It is not saying do not be afraid of God, it is actually saying a few things which we can elaborate on

  1. There is a spirit that leads one to feel afraid
  2. That spirit of fear does not belong to God,
  3. If that spirit does not belong to God it belongs to the enemy
  4. As a new-born Christian with a new skin and a cleansed soul there should be nothing of the enemy within us including the ‘spirit of fear’

As such the spirit of fear is a weapon used by the devil to debilitate God’s people from not only hearing God’s voice, or remembering His promises but of also taking action. Now I am going to get a little bit deeper…

As for myself, I had chosen to entertain fear and now I was literally a “slave to fear”.

We as humans all have souls and our souls in simple terms are our thought process’, they are our minds, our emotions and so forth and so forth. But our souls are a bit like a filing folder with many segments and sections, what we watch say or do get filed away but not without attracting attention first. For instance, when we are in worship we attract the presence of God and that in itself is a blessing so not only is our moment of worship filed in our folder it is filed away with the blessing but when we spend time watching pornography we invite the spirit of sexual immorality, so not only is the image of pornography getting filed in our folder so is the spirit of sexual immorality. So when we chose to accept Christ as our Lord and saviour, the Holy Spirit erased all that was not of God within our folder, but as new believers, we can still choose what we want to entertain or not. As for myself, I had chosen to entertain fear and now I was literally a “slave to fear”. I remember one Sunday service our Pastor spoke and I had no idea what he was talking about all I knew was that it didn’t concern me so I zoned out , but then our Pastor began to encourage people who needed prayer in whatever area he had been talking about to come to the front ( in the middle of the service which is not the norm), but then he said something really quickly he said “if you have fear come to the front”, as soon as I heard this I got out of my seat I didn’t care that I was the only one heading to the front all that I knew was that ‘fear did not belong to God, therefore, it did not belong to me’.

The spirit of fear does not belong to God therefore, it does not belong to you. if this is an area in your life that you are facing challenges in join me in this prayer

‘Dear Father, I don’t know what your plans for me are but I know they are for good. Father, all my fears, anxiety and worries I place them down at the cross where your son died for me, with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead I remove all fear in me and ask Father that you invite your peace and love into my heart forevermore. Amen’