Precious Child I

Poem by Muna,

Forever , I will call on you, my lord.

From this lonely mountain I cry to you.

My tears, cover all  lands and its creatures

Please answer me , I am a destitute.

In my own flood I fall asleep, floating.

I hear you when you call onto me child,

From mountains afar , salvation I bring.

I’ll wipe away your tears and make fountains

Of purified living water to replenish

Your weary body, for my child is tired.

Sleep my dear, morning will clear all sorrows.

In your  embrace I am so truly loved.

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A hungry young Christ focused girl wanting to explore the bible and help others on their walk with God.

3 thoughts on “Precious Child I

    1. Hi, thank you I wrote the poem during a time when the only person I could turn to was God. He really did give me a certain peace that went above and beyond what I knew the word ‘peace’ to mean.

    2. If you like this poem please check out the poem: Rock of Ages, its one of my favourites of the ones I have written

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