The Inner Feelings of a Human-Being

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The human heart goes through a lot of reflections but, surprisingly it keeps on pumping to the end. Journey into the authors exploration of the human heart.




Harrison Shumbamhini is a Zimbabwean based poet and author of ‘The Seed of Belief 1″, a collection exploring the Christian Journey from seed to germination  whilst providing insightful guide for new believers.  With a unique writing style that not only eloquently expresses the inner most struggles that many people experience through life, ‘The Inner Feelings of a Human-Being’, pervades through the readers inner conscious and in a similar fashion to ‘The Seed of Belief 1’ provides support and wisdom for the young.

The Inner Feelings of a Human-Being is littered with colloquial vocabulary taken from the very heart of Southern Africa, it’s enriched with the authors own candid reflections of life, emotions and our relationship with others. This is certainly a collection that one can chew over for many days to come.

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