Recommended Read: Carriers of the Glory by David Hernandez

To tell you the honest truth I’m not an avid reader, and growing up I didn’t understand why there were Christian books when there was a Bible. However, Carriers of the Glory is such an anointed book, being a young person at university I felt this spoke to me and my generation and I am so glad I read it.

The Holy Spirit is so important to understanding the love of God, and it is such a privilege to build a deep and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. I encourage you all to read and be encouraged to build upon such a special bond between you and God.

I can not fully explain to you how blessed I was reading this book, so from here on out I’m going to let the blurb speak for itself. Also, you can watch one of his videos on this link.

Author: David Diga Hernandez

Do you sometimes wonder how God can consider you a friend in light of failures and defeats? Does your own insufficiency cause you to wonder whether the Holy Spirit truly dwells within you? Do you wonder why your own faith experience is so different from that of the heroes in the Bible?

Scripture makes it clear that communion with the Holy Spirit is the key to living the kind of empowered and authentic Christian life we see modelled in Scripture. The Holy Spirit works within us to form hearts that true worship, minds that understand the depths of God’s Word, and hands that accomplish the miraculous. This book will acquaint you with the mysterious third Person of the Trinity, helping you to draw closer to Him so that you may become a carrier of God’s Spirit—a chosen friend of God.

This book provides answers to some popular questions about the Holy Spirit:

  1. What is the Holy Spirit’s purpose and nature?
  2. What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and why is it an unpardonable sin?
  3. What does the Bible really teach about spiritual gifts?
  4. What does it mean to be a friend of God?

If you desire to know God in a deeper and more intimate way, if you want your soul to be set ablaze with a passionate love for Him, if you want to walk in the fullness of all that He has created for you, then this book is for you!

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