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Many years ago I learnt a really valuable lesson when it comes to cooking and it is that you can not omit salt from your food.

There was a time when I thought I was the best cook in the house and that everything I prepared was amazing. As a self-titled chef, I wanted to wow my parents with my exceptional kitchen skills, I wanted them to taste the wonderful flavours of our kitchen cupboard. I decorated the dish with bay leaves, added garlic, sprinkled Tumeric and a whole lot of other herbs and spices to marinate for 5 hours. However, I remember specifically disregarding the salt believing that the fresh herbs and spices within the dish would suffice; I was so wrong.

After the 5 hours, my food was ready to be cooked, I tenderly placed my dish in the oven whilst singing a sweet melody. As I pulled out the dish from the oven and cut to taste all the joy and anticipation faded, not even the tantalising aroma could salvage the saltless dish. All the herbs and spices in the kitchen could not stop my meal from being bland, even water had more flavour than the unpalatable disaster, and any attempt to sprinkle salt after was pointless as the salt could not penetrate the surface of the dish. I had done everything right regarding my dish, I had spent time marinating, it had cooked perfectly and it looked delicious but, without salt I just could not eat it.

Salt picks up on the flavours of other herbs and spices and transforms relatively simple dishes into fine cuisines. When Jesus says ‘you are the salt of the earth’ (Matthew 5:13), it is not necessarily about flavouring the earth like how we would flavour with herbs but is about making what is bland, dull or dead come alive. We can flavour our lives with clothes, cars music and houses we could even sprinkle in charity voluntary work in our lives but our lives remain dull, dead without the salt. We are to be a light to those living in the dark and a source of life to those living in death.

Salt is more than just for flavour, it preserves and prevents food from rotting. We have to prevent people from rotting away in hell, we are meant to show others that they too can experience the true taste of God and know that he is Good. If we are not exhibiting the flavours of God which go beyond the surface, how can we then convince others that the salt we carry will truly resurrect their taste buds?

It is fun being reminded of God in my day-to-day life particularly when it comes to food. This whole post came about because today I just ate one tasteless chicken that no ketchup or mayonnaise could resurrect.

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