Rock of Ages: I love this Hymn!

drawn image of a rock

Yes, I already have a post titled Rock of Ages (please follow the link). Rock of AgesĀ is an old hymn that I just adore, and I particularly love Jason Walker’s cover of the hymn. It is such an old song but its lyrics are so powerful and reminds me of my dependency on the Lord. […]

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The Purifying Spirit

#FFCF Hi thank you for joining us on the Fall For Christ Series, if you would like to receive a FREE PDF copy of the entire series as well as other notes please email Starting With Jesus before the 20th February 2019 with the subject line #FFCF and you should hopefully receive the online #FFCF […]

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Clean home, Clean soul


When Jesus comes knocking at your door, are you prepared to le Him take rest within your house? Check out today’s post for more.

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