The Imperfect Perfectionist

Okay!I confess I am a perfectionist. I am that annoying person that wants things to go exactly as it is in their mind demanding that everyone should follow the vision in my head. Despite knowing and quoting that we should “aim for perfection and settle for excellence“, I still can’t help but desire to settle on perfection.

Shouldn’t we be perfectionist?

I wrote a post about humility and pride a few months back explaining how God wanted me to address the pride within me and I couldn’t understand what God was referring to, but this is something I have been trying to understand for the last 3 years. I think God has been showing me my tendency toward perfectionism’ and how quickly I give up when I can not meet my impossible goals.

“perfectionism is a pride- or fear-based compulsion that either fuel our obsessive fixation on doing something perfectly or paralyzes us from acting at all — both of which often result in the harmful neglect of other necessary or good things.”

Jon Bloom

Whilst writing for the ‘the imperfect perfectionist’ post I stumbled on the quote above by Jon Bloom ( I seem to be stumbling on more of his articles lately), and I couldn’t help seeing me in that quote and as such I was forced to re-evaluate the content of my post.

This is what I had been writing before stumbling on the quote above:

“Perfectionism is not all that bad. The first being that despite my falls and setbacks, I’ve never once lowered my standards, I refuse to let myself believe I should accept subpar when I know I am entitled to great things. The second, I’ve reached goals and targets in my life that if I hadn’t aimed for perfection I just would not have seen them and once the frustrations do subside I can reflect on the milestones reached with cheerful glee. The third, I am never fully satisfied I always want to reach the next level as perfection does not have an end destination there will always be something higher to achieve.”

A lot of what I was striving for, I was striving for by my own strength and will and when I could not do it anymore I stopped, this was ultimately fear and more specifically the fear of failure.

Perfected through “I AM”

 “For by one offering, He has perfected forever those who are sanctified?” (Hebrews 10:14)

The things I have been striving for, although not bad per se, have diverted my attention away from Jesus. Yes, I am entitled to great things but this is only through Jesus Christ, and many times I have found myself losing the will and desire because I have attempted to gain these things through my own strength. However, Jesus came to do the impossible by fulfilling the law (Matthew 5:17), in this way we would be made perfect as the Father is perfect  (Matthew 5:48). In everything, whether that be in art, academics or career we must be willing to admit that we can not do on our own and be thankful that we don’t need to do anything on our own anymore. We do not need to be perfectionist as he is the one that perfects us.

image of man in the distant standing facing the sunset  in

Final Thoughts

I think I have perhaps reached a similar conclusion as the last post I made and it is that I need to let go of being a perfectionist. Now, that I am confident that he hears and cares for the minute details in my life I must be willing to let go of my own blueprints to see his because the end goal and vision are the same but it’s the builder who has changed (Hebrews 3:3) and that is what makes the difference.

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