The Last Word Spoken

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I got a new job recently and it is a little further away from where I live, this means I have to do the morning commute on an extremely packed train carriage. I don’t detest this commute as the alternative would be driving and I hate driving. But, a few weeks back I had to take the car to work which is roughly 20miles away and I had never travelled that route before so wisely used the SatNav to direct me.

The route which the SatNav took me went through the motorway ( the Highway for any American readers) and required me to change from one junction to another. As I was driving my SatNav instructed me to turn onto the M5 road and stay on it for 10 miles, so I did just that. However, 3 miles in I started to become anxious, my phone/ my SatNav had not said anything for some minutes, when I was 5 miles in I started to question if I had already passed the place I should exit from and if the SatNav even knew where I was going or if I had inputted the correct address.

Each time I passed a service station on the motorway I regretted not stopping just to check that the SatNav was still on and every exit sign made me wonder if I should follow it. But then a thought came to mind, what was I last instructed to do?

Despite how anxious I was, I decided to stay on the road and have good faith that my SatNav/ phone knew where I was and where I was going. As I neared the 10mile mark my phone gave me the next instructions until I finally got to work on time.

The entire experience made me think of how I respond to God. It made me reflect a lot on the last couple of years and how agitated I have been, just as I was on the motorway because I could not hear his voice anymore. The last couple of years I’ve probably cursed, moaned, thrown fits and tantrums and dare I say probably exited too early when all I had to do was remember the last words He had spoken to me and follow them. Just like my SatNav, God won’t give instructions until your near to the next turning.

So with this in mind, I’ll spend time reflecting on the last words he said to me and not doubt the promises made. My confidence will be found in those words so my heart won’t be troubled as I continue to drive on this road.

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