Valentines day: Love came first

My wish for you

Happy Valentines day, I wish you love that defies all understanding, love that is so patient and enduring, love that does not envy or boast, love that builds and restores. I wish and earnestly pray for you to know LOVE.

To know is to love?

It baffles me how one can give their all and be ready to commit to an individual without ever fully knowing them. In our modern culture, it is common to first get to know a person before any emotions towards that person starts to emerge, particularly emotions as strong as love don’t just spring from nowhere, there typically has to be a process. Love between two individuals is thus formed through a greater sense of knowing and understanding of each others likes, dislikes, cultures, beliefs and tastes.

Despite knowing this, our relationship with God does not have a conventional structure, whereby one gets to know him and how great he is before then choosing to love him. Our relationship started before we even knew what Love is, in fact, we did not start loving God based on extensive and well-researched knowledge of Him, we started loving him ‘because He first loved us'(1 John4:19), isn’t that interesting?

Love came first

God came first, Love came first before we knew who we were or our identities in Christ. I am sure for most of you, our present knowledge of God far exceeds the knowledge we had when we first consciously gave our lives to Him. We chose God, not fully understanding what we were committing to, we chose to love the very being who loved us more than we could imagine and, as our relationship has developed we see how deep the Father’s love is for us.

Learning to love based on Love.

We learned to Love by first being loved unconditionally, we didn’t try it out or figure it out along the way, we were shown it, it was up to us to decide to commit. God loves us unconditionally, ‘He is a jealous God’ (Deuteronomy 4:24) and would never give His heart partially so we shouldn’t accept or give partial love. This why if you choose God don’t be one foot in and one foot out give your whole heart unconditionally just as he gives his to us.

The unstoppable love of God that chases us


This time last year we aimed at learning more about Christ in the hopes that our love for Him would multiply. I hope that you too may be encouraged when reading through the series or alternatively downloading a FREE copy of the series on PDF.

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